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Our Philosophy

At The Coin Shack, our goal is to help our clients buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital assets as seamlessly and as quickly as possible. We want to remove the stigmas and negative connotations around this once in a lifetime technology through education and superior customer service. We believe that as returns and yields in traditional assets become harder to come by, every individual and organization should have some exposure to uncorrelated assets such as Bitcoin. We are here to educate and onboard interested clients into this new and exciting economy while providing a holistic experience from start to finish. This means we are willing to go the extra mile and help our clients navigate this new, and sometimes confusing, space. We will happily teach our clients everything we know from how to safely store your coins, to how the Bitcoin design and incentive systems work, and anything else our clients are interested in learning!

Together the founders of The Coin Shack have been working with bitcoin and other various crypto-currencies for more than 10 years. In that time they have experimented with managing a bitcoin ATM, mining Bitcoin and other digital assets, consulting, and giving lectures. With The Coin Shack they hope to take their knowledge and their skills and turn more people into avid Bitcoiners.


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The Founders

Hammad Ismail founder of the Coin Shack, Toronto's place to buy and sell bitcoin

Hammad Ismail

Hammad first heard about Bitcoin in mid-2013 but initially dismissed it as a scam. He made his first small purchase in December 2013 as BTC first hit the mainstream. After that, he went down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ learning as much as he could about the design, economics, and technology underlying Bitcoin.

Hammad has an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from the Rotman School of Business (Class of 2017).

Mark Sinclair founder of the Coin Shack, Toronto's place to buy and sell bitcoin

Mark Sinclair

Mark’s interest in the newest technology, coupled with his new found interest in economics made Bitcoin an obvious addition to his life when he discovered it in late 2013. Giving lectures and hosting meetups Mark has been educating others in the space full time for 4 years. While at the same time furthering his own understanding of crypto-economics.

Mark has built MoneroStuff.com to help educate people about crypto-currencies.

Yaqoob Jamal founder of the Coin Shack, Toronto's place to buy and sell bitcoin

Yaqoob Jamal

Yaqoob’s first experience with cryptocurrency began merely as a means to earn extra cash while completing his university degree. Starting with a modest mining setup in mid 2011, his customer service and competitive rates quickly earned him a name in the peer to peer bitcoin community. What was initially a hobby became a full time
operation as Yaqoob’s initial investment grew, allowing him to purchase an early round of ASIC miners. Unfortunately a manufacturing defect lead to a fire in 2014, destroying the mining operation. Following a short hiatus, Yaqoob returned to the field with the goal of providing access to cryptocurrencies and sharing his knowledge, in a comfortable non-intimidating environment.


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The Coin Shack is a registered business in Ontario, Canada. We adhere to all FINTRAC regulations and only service Canadian residents.