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Why Choose The Coin Shack?

Easy To Use

You’ll love that our bitcoin exchange is staffed with real people with a store front. In other words, instant customer support.

person advising others on succeeding with bitcoin via telephone and message
liquidity pool and global trading network

Large Liquidity Pool

The Coin Shack aims to complete orders quickly and at the best rates. Above all, we pride ourselves on our consistency to deliver.

Fully Compliant

The Coin Shack follows a rigorous compliance program. In addition, we follow all appropriate financial and privacy laws in Ontario, Canada.

checklist showing industry compliance for bitcoin
educating students on bitcoin

Subject Matter Experts

The partners at The Coin Shack have over 10 years of combined experience working with and trading Bitcoin in the Toronto area. Together they ensure you’ll have the best experience.

Bitcoin Exchange

bitcoin to dollar exchange rates

Exchange Bitcoin for Canadian dollars or vice versa at the best rates away from traditional bitcoin exchange order books. Our rates beat that of bitcoin ATMs for example..

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Education

person having a eureka moment with bitcoin and cryptocurrency

While waiting for your Bitcoin exchange to complete feel free to explore the many educational exhibits offered in our store. In addition to that feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff any questions you may have.

Location, Hours and Contact

Mon – Fri           Noon – 6 pm

Sat – Sun           Noon – 5 pm


4132 Bathurst St

Toronto, Ontario, M3H 3P2

Phone: (416) 519-8236
Email: [email protected]

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